Dyna Pack


With an innovative technology, on-line reservations in the internet are represented with little effort of implementation simultanoeously offering much more complex applications as ever before. For the first time touristic services of different suppliers can be booked in a total travel package by new functionality of DynaPack. Behind the new function an outstanding technology hides itself. The magic word is called Dynamic Packaging®. In communication between front-end and the respective reservation systems DynaPack is used as a gateway with own logic. It connects systems of all kinds with different interface definitions.

Dynamic Packaging

DynaPack DynaPack makes the combination of several and/or same services in one booking step for on-line possible. The care of product information of other suppliers is not necessary. Rather the necessary information of several touristic services are evaluated entirely during a booking process in the session memory of DynaPack and on the basis of the calculation models they are passed on to the customer as a total offer and/or as additional offers and stored in the shopping basket. Products in the shopping basket can be modified and additional products can be added.

Gateway frame

DynaPack was developed on the basis of the dynamic gateway frame developed by znt-Richter in an alliance between the IT companies znt-Richter and GK System.The dynamic gateway frame serves the connection of systems with different interface definitions.

Extension of offers

Due to its flexibility DynaPack is suitable for all tourism companies. The travel pallets can be strongly extended, since attractive additional products can be added.

Overview of functionality

  • Instead of direct communication of the front-ends with the normal systems all data traffic is completed over DynaPack
  • From a front-end the services can be queried and booked over a configurable interface by DynaPack.
  • DynaPack evaluates answers from different systems such as CRS, IBE, reservation systems, mid- and backoffice and passes it on on the basis of the deposited calculation models to the customer as a total offer.
  • The session memory provides thereby for the intermediate storage of information, which becomes necessary for the entire booking process. For rendering of invoice the summarized services will be passed on to a Mid- or Backoffice system.
  • The independence from CRS systems, car rental- and hotel systems is ensured thereby.
  • DynaPack can correspond with all usual systems.
  • The use of DynaPack does not require a special hard- and software platform.

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